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  • Reverse Mergers & Going Public — Our Firm Represents Many Public Companies

    There are several different ways to go public effectively. The term “going public” can mean a few different things, including reverse mergers with public shells or the filing of an S-1 Registration Statement. Ultimately, the company going public is interested in raising capital and may or may not opt to participate in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) process. Regardless, start-up capital formation is a primary concern when going public.

    This site is intended to remove the guesswork from corporate finance terms like reverse merger, public shells, market makers, 15C211, registration statement, and forward merger.

    In addition, the benefits of being a public company will be clearly detailed. You will be able to fully understand that as a public company seeking to raise capital, it is also necessary to attract investor awareness while maintaining strict public company compliance.

    Reverse Mergers & Ways to Go Public

    If you are taking a company public, be sure to understand your options.  For starters, it is typically advisable to retain the services of a securities attorney as opposed to a “going public consultant.” Ultimately, organizations holding themselves out as “going public experts” are little more than middlemen who must ultimately retain the services of a securities law firm in order to complete the necessary S-1 Registration Filings.

    Contact us today. Inquiries of a technical nature are always encouraged.



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